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History planning is old as man himself planning had started from the ancient era during the primitive period where there were no industries, firms or kind of organization. Planning is the basic function of management if they are not performing it well then they are in a trouble, in a big..big trouble. It’s a primary step a management had to take towards their goal of achieving objectives in the given time with respective resources.

We required planning at every stage of value chain process, from the selecting raw materials to the after sale services, we need to plan at production, marketing, financing and so forth.

Through organizational planning an organization able to determine their goals and objectives, also achieve with the passage of time. Planning provide the answer of what? Where? And how? With the operational strategies organizations made through a compatible planning, which they got through great research and analysis of internal and external environments.

Business productivity is majorly dependent upon the way in which their human capital perform. The culture, policies, behaviors and ethics they fellows, it creates a impact on their working style. Employees produce more when they are well rewarded, recognized and suited for the work they are assigned.

HRP is sometime called as the workforce planning. Which means in the specific terms that a right person on right job at right time. Accurate planning helps to find accurate projections of future, taking inventory of existing workforce, comparing workforce with the existing one and do the corrective measures that’s what HRP is.

Careful planning in assisging employees to teams helps increasing productivity. This a both HR and Managerial skill. Managers help and support the teams to work in a proper direction to achieve its goals and objectives. The HR department helps in assist in assigning which set of skills does team or a individual have which they used as their contribution. HRP helps managers to be proactive while running an organisation.

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