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History planning is old as man himself planning had started from the ancient era during the primitive period where there were no industries, firms or kind of organization. Planning is the basic function of management if they are not performing it well then they are in a trouble, in a big..big trouble. It’s a primary step a management had to take towards their goal of achieving objectives in the given time with respective resources.

We required planning at every stage of value chain process, from the selecting raw materials to the after sale services, we need to plan at production, marketing, financing and so forth.

Through organizational planning an organization able to determine their goals and objectives, also achieve with the passage of time. Planning provide the answer of what? Where? And how? With the operational strategies organizations made through a compatible planning, which they got through great research and analysis of internal and external environments.

Business productivity is majorly dependent upon the way in which their human capital perform. The culture, policies, behaviors and ethics they fellows, it creates a impact on their working style. Employees produce more when they are well rewarded, recognized and suited for the work they are assigned.

HRP is sometime called as the workforce planning. Which means in the specific terms that a right person on right job at right time. Accurate planning helps to find accurate projections of future, taking inventory of existing workforce, comparing workforce with the existing one and do the corrective measures that’s what HRP is.

Careful planning in assisging employees to teams helps increasing productivity. This a both HR and Managerial skill. Managers help and support the teams to work in a proper direction to achieve its goals and objectives. The HR department helps in assist in assigning which set of skills does team or a individual have which they used as their contribution. HRP helps managers to be proactive while running an organisation.


In this gigantic world where thousands of companies are working day and night to make their brand and organisational cultural values strong, effective, efficient and key player in the achievements of the objectives.

A good leader is the one who provide direction, positive and practical but should be mature and on which employees and organization able to reach their goals. Under the assumption of role theory leaders often define their own roles within organization based on how the employees see the leaders role.

There two types of primary roles are exits in the organisation formal and informal. The formal one is a bit related to organisational framework. Formal role theory reveals itself through the positions and policies set up by the top level management. Formal system can be a good reason to develop different organizational culture. In a company where manager ask employees for the better suggestions and opinions, that shows how the term decentralization creates its impact on the work environment of a company. Where as, in an another company where manager didn’t give chance to the employee to create their idea for the development of company will lead the sense of centralization in the organizational culture.

According to the role theory, role conflits are very common think in the organization. When employees have a set of expectations from the leader role and the same time when leader have some different opinions for the same role. It may occur when leader feels they should be performing a certain role but employees expect the leader to fill a different role.

The primary benefit of role theory is an organization is that it sets the standards for what is expected of the leaders in the organization. Leaders need to develop the feeling to not react on most of the irrelevant thinks which are not related to their matters.

“Some times small are better, as they move long and find ways faster than the big ones”.

GLOBAL ECONOMY AT THE TIME OF COVID 19The world is suffering from Coronavirus from last 2 years, unfortunately this time was going to the greatest time for the ASIA. According to a report of 2018 and statements of many other master economist said that “ upcoming yeas are going to be the golden years for the Asian countries ”. Day-by-Day the world is transferring from west to east India, china, japan, south Korea, Singapore and UAE all are becoming the tech and business manufacturing hubs of the world..DECREASE IN MONEY SUPPLYGlobal supply and movement of money in various economy was on the bottom, powerful countries like USA, CANADA, CHINA, INDIA, FRANCE, ITALY and GERMANY suffered a lot due to the inflation, bank rates were high, prices of products which were important in the time of Covid like mask, sanitizers, medicines like paracetamol went on high in USA. Money supply reduce always had a bad impact on the all over health of the economy.. No new investments. High prices of commodities. Less production. Less capita income.UNEMPLOYMENTUnemployment is an another problem which is faced by many economics like India the most, china in the beginning of covid. In economics it’s simple to find out the reason of economic recession as in the covid time work places were closed down which causes less production because of less demand, less demand means no spending’s, less spending’s leads to less money supply. The owners were not get the accepted demand, their stock of production waste on, the storing cost climbed like a rocket, increase in cost of product or in the value chain means it’s not a fortune writer for workers and employee. So, it lead to cut down in salary and many worker were fired..LESS FDI’s AND FII’sFDI’s ( foreign direct investments ) and FII’s ( foreign individual investments ) two of them are the major pillar to maintain a stable economy. But, in the time of covid nation’s like south Africa, Cambodia, UAE, japan, south Korea and including India lose their FII’s and FDI’s market. Many big manufacturing companies like apple, tesla and amazon were very much interested to move in Indian market in compare to Chinese market, as India and china both are labour intensive, still had a benefit that India had cheap labour than china too. Infrastructure development was nearly stop. Covid create a immense pressure on governments to restart the functioning of economics..IMPACT ON MOM AND POP SHOPSFrom last 2 years, jeff Bezos had earn more than 10 billion dollars only from the Indian market, imagine how much he had earn from ROW ( rest of the world ). It quite amazing right, it happens because of covid 19. All of the mom and pop shops were closed due to the pandemic, it was a great opportunity for the online business and online groceries that’s what amazon was doing from last 24 years..IMAPCT ON TEEN’S EDUCATIONEducation is very important we all know, but, covid demolish the educational institutions policies and ideas which they were going to implement in their educational structure. I remembered that in the month of April 2020, government of India announced that schools and other educational institutions are going to set down till the end of covid 19. Lose of education is a humongous lose of students. Online class is a good substitute, but not the most benefice. Students are not taking their studies seriously, MCQ exams become a good friend and online classes become a way of cheating. We need to think upon it, “ FUTURE OF NATION LIES IN THE HAND OF TEEN’S ”.. IT INDUSTRYThe dependence of the it sector on many of the other sectors like manufacturing, retail, hospitality, communication etc. has resulted in major impacts on purchasing ability and investing patters on it services. This has impacted the requirement of additional work-force and inflow of revenue in this sector..WAYS TO IMPROVE THIS CONDITION. Maintain a proper and healthy money supply through government spending on infrastructural development.. Government should help small mom and pop shop’s owner to collaborate with big dealers and manufacturer to increase their sell.. For the unemployment, work from work is great for the private workers and for public workers it should be alternative system.. for the poverty, specific fund and basic medical facility should be provided them at free of cost.

HOW FINTECH CHANGING WORLD‘Finance’ this term create a tremendous influence on the mind of one of the greatest investor of all time and guru of warren buffet “ BENJAMIN GRAHAM ”. finance in one is all about “ ALL TO DO WITH MONEY ”. it’s a management, creation and study of money and investments, finance rewards you with the value in return and the yield of any investment is demand upon market forces, investment strategy, future growth of that market and judge the company performance from the past. Investment banker, fund manager, wealth manager, portfolio manager and stock broker at wall street may be one of them is your dream job, as one of the data show’s that investment banker earn more in compare to software developer, doctor, engineer, professor at Stanford or at Harvard and data scientist. Approx. annual amount they get is somewhere near $90k in rupee it’s nearly 70 lakh rupees, it’s not bad for a young career. Changing world with rapid speed had developed the new ways to do finance in different ways. FINTECH it is a combo of finance + technology, fintech is used to describe new tech that seeks to improve and automate the delivery and use of financial services. At its core, fintech is utilized to help companies, business owners and consumers better manager their financial operations, processes, and living by utilizing specialized software and algorithms that are used on computers and, increasingly, smartphones..VALUABLE ADVISETo guide individuals on their finances, many of the latest systems are dependent on robot-advise. The fast and low-cost option to get valuable information on investments and reducing the exposure to risk towards a person yet, such services are unable to give the most in-depth information that would come from a professional adviser..HIGH RATE OF APPROVALMany small business ventures across the untied states have initiated the use of the alternative lenders that involved in fintech due to its ability to increase accessibility and speed up the ‘approval for finance ’ rate..UPGRADED PAYMENT SYSTEMSAn interesting benefits of fintech is to make businesses more efficient at issuing invoices and collecting payments with higher accuracy. This not only offers more professional service but also helps to enhance customer relations, increase the probability of them returning as a regular buyer..IMPROVED SECURITYFinancial institutions are expected to provide customers with most advanced and high end monetary services. To ensure that more people are confident tin using financial services. It is important to use latest security techniques. Taking advantage of new mobile technology has resulted in a major security investment to ensure that consumer data is secure..CRYPTO-CURRENCIESBitcoins are another example of fintech and it’s a fresh one. Bitcoin in real a kind of crypto-currency or the e-currency which help people to transfer value from their e-wallets, no paper money required. Bitcoin demand is not at the best yet, still it’s a new thing take more time to replace or sustain it’ market over physical money. Bitcoin works on the concept of blockchain, it’s like a “HYPERLEDGER” companies like BITCOINS, LITCOIN, DOGECOIN and ETHEREUM. They all work upon the some method of blockchain. “ BLOCKCHAIN ”. TECHNOLOGICAL EVOLUTIONFintech is kind of new technological development provide nimble fintech firms with multiple opportunities to meet customer expectations using the latest technology. Changing world changed finance, in future definitely will change the way we deal..SAFE AND QUICK TRANSACTIONSTransactions present as the most developed part of the fintech landscape. Mobile phones with near field communication ( NFC ) technology are driving the evolution of mobile payments and e-wallets. These services provide more contextual products and services, such as barcode scanning and personalised offers.Augmented reality applications are gradually adding to this context-rich customer experience. Blockchain technology provides a traceable ways of transacting without involvement of mainstream intermediaries and infrastructures..VENTURE CAPITALIncreased investor interest is fuelling new entries into the emerging Insurtech sector, driving growth, competition and innovation.Consequently, traditional insurers have started realising that Insurtech players represent genuine competition. They are reacting to the threat by either acquiring Insurtech players to bring the competitive advantage inhouse or partnering with them, through strategic investment or formal partnerships. Suncorp investment in trov and general i’s acquisition of MyDrive are just some examples..SOME GREAT COMPANIES IN THE WORLD OF FINTECH. CRED. BREX. PAYPAL. PAYTM. POLICYBAZAAR. VARO MONEY, and. BLEND


The impact companies had, at a time of dealing with their stakeholders is now changed, product is not just an object now which help the user to achieve their satisfaction or the equilibrium mentality which they in past about using products. You know have head that:
This is the real time strategy which most of the executive use to build a great brand value. Value chain is something which start before production process starts and ends after selling a product. Value chain management was a head ach for most of the CEO’s from last two decades.
. Inbound logistics.
. Manufacturing and Assembling.
. Outbound logistic.
. Marketing, Branding, Selling and pricing ( All the market strategic models )
. Service ( The Strategy which handle’s the customer’s behaviour after the selling the product to stabilize the swinging mood towards the new booming products in the dynamic market ).
By making great management of value chain help community team inside the company to lower the cost of production and to boost the revenue explosion.

Knowing a person from inside, like getting the secret formula of Coca-Cola. Market insight is a base on which most of the companies made their market grab strategies. It’s like knowing what really make people “ EXCITED AND PERFERABLE ” about the product. In early years of 21th century, a famous US based company P&G ( Procter & gamble ) conducted a deep dive into the mind of women’s all over the world. What ‘REALLY’ they feel about the “PANTENE” ( hair care product ). P&G use the “ THE NURO-MARKETING ” kind of an marketing research in which marketers use “ ELECTROENCEPHALOGRAPHY” which measure brainwaves by using that particular brand. After using this strategy P&G redesigned product and choose brand based pricing. Through, Market insight companies get to know about the product talks in the people market, what people think, what they require or what change they accept for the brand, the changing preferences and taste. Walmart use the line for inside worker to say them for better marketing and selling “ MAKE THEM REALIZE THAT THEY ARE SMARTER THAN YOU, THEY NOT ONLY JUST BUY BUT, THEY WILL MAKE YOU PERMANENT A FRIEND ”.

Companies today outsource less-critical resources if they can obtain better quality or lower cost. The key is to own and nurture the resources and competence that make up the essence of the business. The core competence is like a our face different from other 7 billion people living in this blue planet.
. it should be different from competitors.
. it should revenue generating.
. it should had application over different markets too.
Like apple’s iPhone shape and design, McD taste and Walmart “ low price strategy” even change.
These all help you get your profitable market.


“ The number one benefit of information technology is that it empowers people to do what they want to do. It let’s people be creative, it let’s people be productive. It let’s people learn things they didn’t think they could learn before, and so in a sense it is all about great potential”. This was a small phase of a prominent speech by former CEO of MICROSOFT IN. STEVE BALLMER, rivals that how technology and information around us make difference in the way of leading global impacted and economy holding corporates. Might be, he was more on the side of technology, but still it’s also a one section of information which a start-up or any company need at a time of decision making. Prosperity and ethical environment help’s a business institute to collaborate global information, via technological models and dynamic strategies.
MARC BENIOFF, CEO of Salesforce said that “ CIO’s are going to be the business maker’s, who supports the international era of commerce and technology”.
Information technology and business are becoming inextricably interwoven. CIO’s ( chief information officer ) one of the top most executives in an company, responsible for the management, implementation and usability of information and computer technology. Changing world in every micro-second is a sign of changing idea’s, changing taste and preference, changing thinking process, changing customer behaviour, changing business tools and changing economy’s.
Form offline to online, From finance to fintech, From computer to AI and ML, From coal engine to bullet train, From pager to iPhone, From cycle to electric car.
These all changes led the world to an different and innovative gate of new dimension. “ WE, THE PEOPLE OF UNIVERS ARE SURROUNDED WITH TECHNOLOGY EVERYWHERE, ANYWHERE”.
The CIO own’s the corporate IT strategy. They identity way’s to streamline internal technical process, make IT operation more efficient, and increase profit. They also manages the company’s IT infrastructure and identify new tools to introduce into the organisation.
The CIO own’s the “ how ” of the product or service. They make sure the technical goals are aligned with overall business goals and identify ways to improve upon the offering the goal is to deliver upon the tools that customer needs.
In the 1990’s, the position was technical as companies maintained their internal computers, databases and commination networks. After a one deal in 2011 cloud computing, wireless communications, big-data analytics and mobile devices, CIO’s develop strategies and computing system that keep business competitive in a fast-changing global market place. Predicating tech future is an important quality of CIO, they STUDY, LEARN, ANAYLSIS and then create proper and smooth managerial environment in all the employee’s can reply upon.
The number of CIO’s has increased greatly with the expanded use of IT and computer technology in business. The CIO deal with matter’s such as creating a website that allows the company to reach more customers or integrating new inventory software to help better manage the use of inventory.
These are some crucial qualities which make CIO’s powerful future leader’s.
These all are needed to be one of the best CIO among many of them.
The role is sometimes referred to as chief technology officer ( CTO ), but on paper, slight differences in the two positions exits.
. Creating business value, like a businessmen make value chain which consist of inbound logistic, manufacturing, outbound logistic, marketing at a time of selling and the last services after the sales. Likewise they had to improve their phycology to create business value through technology, using algorithms a person can build different-different websites, chatbots, IOT one the famous now a time.
. strategic planning of business growth objectives, strategic planning provide them with a vision or a mission on which they can move upon.
. Ensure tech systems and procedures lead to outcomes in line with business goals.
. Manage IT and development team personnel, that’s what on which CIO focusses more, because it’s a segment for their company which support there technological changes.
. Establish IT policies, strategies, and standards which determine the job of their employee’s.

The CIO’s has been responsible for deploying, managing, and maintaining IT system across the organization.
However, as most of us know, digital innovation and technology-driven change have reshaped the global economy. Today, the economy and businesses are both powered by digital technology.
Disruptive transformation has fuelled business growth, competitive shifts, changes in business models, and more.
. 95% of CIO’s said that their role was expanding beyond traditional IT responsibilities. “Time take’s man to moon” true statement, cycle of business environment make’s proper product segmentation and product specification which is based on social-cultural environment. People in west are technological more expertise and updated, but the countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Syria, Iran and Iraq need prosperous and high skilled manager in their companies to create their silicon valley.
. 39% of CIO’s reported that their top priority was leading digital transformation initiatives.
. Strategic tasks because a top activity in 2020, increasing from 4% to 25%.
. 31% claimed that boosting corporate resiliency through IT and data security was a top priority.
In short, CIO’s are transitioning from traditional IT service delivery to a more strategic role. this same data found that most CIO’s spending more time on aligning IT projects with business goals ( 44% ), leading business innovation ( 34% ) and leading organizational change programs ( 34% ).


Prithviraj Chauhan, the last ruler of Chauhan dynasty to sit on the throne of Delhi, was born in 1168 as the son of Someshwar Chauhan, the king of Ajmer. He was a brilliant child and very sharp at learning the military skills. He had the skill of hitting the target only on the basis of its sound. He succeeded to the throne of Ajmer at the age of thirteen, in 1179,when his father died in a battle.His grandfather Angam, ruler of Delhi, declared him heir to the throne of Delhi after hearing about his courage and bravery. He once killed a lion on his own without any weapon. He was known as the warrior king.

When he ascended to the throne of Delhi, he built Qila Rai Pithora here. His whole life was a continuous chain of bravery, courage, chivalrous deeds and glorious exploits. He defeated the mighty Bheemdev, ruler of Gujarat, at the mere age of thirteen.

His love story with his enemy, Jaichand’s daughter, Samyukta is very famous. He rode off with her on the day of her ‘Swayamwara’.

He expanded his empire, during this time Mahmud Ghori attacked India in 1191 and he was defeated at the first battle of Tarain. After defeating the army of Mahmud Ghori he was asked to attack the retreating army but in true Rajput tradition he refused to do so as it did not conform to the fair war rules. As a result Mahmud ghori again attacked India and in the second battle of Tarain Prithviraj Chauhan was defeated and captured. He was treated very badly, his eyes were burnt with red-hot irons and he was made blind. But Prithviraj did not lose courage. Helped by his court poet and friend Chand Bardai, he is believed to kill Mahmud ghori with his “shabdabhedi baan”. His skill of hitting the target just on the basis of sound made by it come handy. and during the archery competition organized by Mahmud ghori, he displayed his skill. When Mahmud ghori praised him he heard his voice and attacked him. Mahmud ghori was killed. In order to escape death at the hands of enemies he and his friend Chand Bardai stabbed each other.

Chand Bardai compiled the story of the life of Prithviraj Chauhan in his epic poem Prithviraj Raso. Prithviraj Chauhan died in 1192, with his death a period of bravery, courage, patriotism and principles came to an end. Prithviraj Raso of Chand Bardai and Prithviraj Vijay of Jayanak have immortalized deeds of Prithviraj Chauhan.






Happy MAHARANA PRATAP JAYANTI too all my brothers and sisters. It’s a day to celebrate 482nd brith anniversary to GREAT EMPEROR OF RAJPUTANA EMPIRE ” THE MEWARI SARDAN MAHARANA PRATAP SINGH SISODIYA” son of RANA UDAI SINGH SISODIYA. He was 13th RANA of SISODIYA DYNASTY. He born on 9th may 1540 in KUMBHALGARH FORT. MAHARANI JAIVANTA BAI his mother was his teacher too. He was destined to be the 54th ruler of Mewar, in the line of the Sisodiya Rajputs.

In 1567, when Crown Prince Pratap Singh was only 27, Chittor was surrounded by the Mughal forces of Emperor Akbar. Maharana Udai Singh II decided to leave Chittor and move his family to Gogunda, rather than capitulate to the Mughals. The young Pratap Singh wanted to stay back and fight the Mughals but the elders intervened and convinced him to leave Chittor, oblivious of the fact that this move from Chittor was going to create history for all times to come.

In 1576, the famous battle of Haldighati was fought with 20,000 Rajputs against a Mughal army of 80,000 men commanded by Raja Man Singh. The battle was fierce though indecisive, to the Mughal army’s astonishment. Maharana Pratap’s army killed more than 53,000 mughals and 10,000 went back to their camps as RAJPUTS were on fire to kill them all. At the end of war RAJPUTS were on better side. RAJPUTS AGAIN ATTACKED MUGHALS IN THE WAR OF


On 16 September 1582, Pratap attacked the Mughal fortification of Dewair which was commanded by Mughal officer Sultan Khan. In the battle, Pratap’s son AMAR SINGH killed Sultan Khan and the Mughal army was forced to give up Dewair and retreat. 32000 Mughal army surrendered to maharana pratap . The retreating Mughal soldiers were pursued to AMET which was also captured by Pratap. Soon after, KUMBHALGARH, 36 garrisons (thanas) and 84 other posts were captured and the defenders killed. Pratap faced no resistance in Udaipur which had already been abandoned by the fleeing Mughal armies.




.Maharana Pratap was one of the strongest warriors in India, with a height of 7 feet 5 inches. He used to carry 360 kg of weight, which included a spear weighing 80 kg, two swords weighing 208 kg and his armour was around 72 kg heavy. His own weight was more than 110 kg.

.While all the other Rajput rulers surrendered to Akbar and became members of his council, Maharana Pratap denied all the six diplomatic missions sent to him by Akbar for a peaceful alliance.

.Maharana Pratap had 11 wives from which Maharani Ajabde Punwar was his favourite. He had 17 sons and 5 daughters. All of his marriages were political alliances.

.Maharana Pratap’s horse, Chetak, is known for his loyalty to his master. The horse is said to have a tinge of blue on his coat. Chetal lost his life while jumping across a 21-feet wide river to save his master’s life.

.Maharana Pratap also owned an elephant, Ramprasad, who killed two war elephants of the Mughal army. When Akbar imprisoned Ramprasad, he didn’t eat anything or drink, losing his life on the 18th day.

.He survived n number of battles in his lifetime but died of an injury from the hunting accident while tightening the string of a bow with an arrow. The news of Maharana’s death made even Akbar cry.


Whenever you go to the HALDIGAHTI, must pay obeisance to the SOIL OF SACRIFICE AND BRAVERY.



Capacity that A has to influence to the behavior to B so that B acts in accordance with the wishes of A.

Power is a ability to influence people or group of people. Power is kind of tool used by different leaders, politicians, teachers, managers, speakers and any armed officers to influence, manage, order, motivate and support the group of people towards a certain goal.

The two important aspects of power are:

. POTENTIAL :- Power is not the only think you, person with guts make 100% of that power in hand. A person with potential ability play a great part in handling power and opposition.

. DEPENDENCY :- Dependency implies that the person who has the power possesses something that another person needs. The more badly the other person needs what the person with power has the more dependent he is.

Types of power are:

. Reward power

. Coercive power

. Legitimate power

. Personal power

. Expert power


. Resistence :- managers meet with resistance if he uses his power with arrogant and inconsistent manner. Frequent use of cohesive power leads to resistance.

. Compliance :- employees comply with the expectation of managers, they work for the leader to satisfy their minimal expectations but will not put any additional efforts.

. Commitment :- this is the best outcome in this people work with enthusiasm and energy to fulfill leaders requirements. This will come from expert and personal power.

OP in corporate world

Organizational Politics kind of behavior helps to protect/enhance employees or group of people interest.











The aggregate and global capacity to act purposefully, to think rationally and to deal effectively that’s what intelligence is all about. Most of us think like that regarding intellect power of a person. Learning from experience and act in abstract way.

If you have these all things then you are super intelligent.

. Grasping and visualizing ability

. Reasoning in logical sense

. Acquire and apply knowledge

. Plan effectively

. Infer perceptively

Paying attention in the most important part

. Make sound judgments and solve problems

. Be intuitive

. Cope, adjust and make the most of the new situation.

.Find the right words and through with ease.

Spearman’s G-factor theory

British psychologist Charles spearman proposed the theory of general intelligence. This theory says that intelligence is compromised of two factors one is “G” factor and other is “S” factor. Hence, this theory is also called as the two factor theory of intelligence.

. Spearman state’s that every intelligence consists of some general factor of “G” factors.

. In addition, every activity also involves something specific to it called the specific factor “S”.


Louis Thurstone rejected spearman’s idea of general intelligence. Thurstone says that intelligence is broken down in 7 primary mental abilities.


. Verbal comprehension

. Word fluency

. Perpetual speed

. Numerical ability

. Spatial ability

. Reasoning


Grander thinks that intelligence is not something which is preval in the head, it’s all about the ability or the potential strength of a person to show his capacity to think in different situations.

Gardner described seven independent types of intelligence:

. Linguistic intelligence :- linguistic intelligence is concerned with special capacity of speed, along with mechanism of proper grammar and knowledge of different languages. These type of people actively participate in debates, writing competition and in speeches too. These people who excel in this linguistic intelligence are teachers, authors, lawyers and politicians.

. Logical-mathematical intelligence :- logical-mathematical intelligence is the most important factor you need to be have in this era to be successful.

These people have a great inside of different fields like computer science, mathematics, physics, algorithms and in reasoning.

People with this ability become economist, engineers, scientists and hackers.

.Musical intelligence:- People with this ability are inborn musicians and master of instruments. They have that so called inclination of quality of sound, rythm and pitch.

Lata mangeshar, mukesh, rafi and The Bettles is the best example of this.

. Visal/Spatial intelligence:- it is also know as artistic intelligence. It is the ability to perceive visual and spatial information, modify it, and recreate visual images without reference to the original stimulus. It is the ability to construct three dimensional images.

People with this intelligence have an artistic blend and their mind is composed or compressed with pure imagination they can be the painters, designers, directors and architects.

. Interpersonal intelligence :- It is also know as social intelligence. It’s a combine study on others, how other people think, what make them motivate and how they work cooperatively with their group members.

They are good marketing personnel and PR too.

. Interpersonal intelligence:- it is an ability to form a modle of oneself and follow it or to operate efficiently in the life.

They do lots of introspection, have good self-awareness, they shine as painters, scientists and philosophers.

. Kinesthetic intelligence:- it is a ability to use all or part of the body to solve problems. It is the control an individual has over and gross motors actions.

They are good in sports and dance