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The aggregate and global capacity to act purposefully, to think rationally and to deal effectively that’s what intelligence is all about. Most of us think like that regarding intellect power of a person. Learning from experience and act in abstract way.

If you have these all things then you are super intelligent.

. Grasping and visualizing ability

. Reasoning in logical sense

. Acquire and apply knowledge

. Plan effectively

. Infer perceptively

Paying attention in the most important part

. Make sound judgments and solve problems

. Be intuitive

. Cope, adjust and make the most of the new situation.

.Find the right words and through with ease.

Spearman’s G-factor theory

British psychologist Charles spearman proposed the theory of general intelligence. This theory says that intelligence is compromised of two factors one is “G” factor and other is “S” factor. Hence, this theory is also called as the two factor theory of intelligence.

. Spearman state’s that every intelligence consists of some general factor of “G” factors.

. In addition, every activity also involves something specific to it called the specific factor “S”.


Louis Thurstone rejected spearman’s idea of general intelligence. Thurstone says that intelligence is broken down in 7 primary mental abilities.


. Verbal comprehension

. Word fluency

. Perpetual speed

. Numerical ability

. Spatial ability

. Reasoning


Grander thinks that intelligence is not something which is preval in the head, it’s all about the ability or the potential strength of a person to show his capacity to think in different situations.

Gardner described seven independent types of intelligence:

. Linguistic intelligence :- linguistic intelligence is concerned with special capacity of speed, along with mechanism of proper grammar and knowledge of different languages. These type of people actively participate in debates, writing competition and in speeches too. These people who excel in this linguistic intelligence are teachers, authors, lawyers and politicians.

. Logical-mathematical intelligence :- logical-mathematical intelligence is the most important factor you need to be have in this era to be successful.

These people have a great inside of different fields like computer science, mathematics, physics, algorithms and in reasoning.

People with this ability become economist, engineers, scientists and hackers.

.Musical intelligence:- People with this ability are inborn musicians and master of instruments. They have that so called inclination of quality of sound, rythm and pitch.

Lata mangeshar, mukesh, rafi and The Bettles is the best example of this.

. Visal/Spatial intelligence:- it is also know as artistic intelligence. It is the ability to perceive visual and spatial information, modify it, and recreate visual images without reference to the original stimulus. It is the ability to construct three dimensional images.

People with this intelligence have an artistic blend and their mind is composed or compressed with pure imagination they can be the painters, designers, directors and architects.

. Interpersonal intelligence :- It is also know as social intelligence. It’s a combine study on others, how other people think, what make them motivate and how they work cooperatively with their group members.

They are good marketing personnel and PR too.

. Interpersonal intelligence:- it is an ability to form a modle of oneself and follow it or to operate efficiently in the life.

They do lots of introspection, have good self-awareness, they shine as painters, scientists and philosophers.

. Kinesthetic intelligence:- it is a ability to use all or part of the body to solve problems. It is the control an individual has over and gross motors actions.

They are good in sports and dance

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