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HOW FINTECH CHANGING WORLD‘Finance’ this term create a tremendous influence on the mind of one of the greatest investor of all time and guru of warren buffet “ BENJAMIN GRAHAM ”. finance in one is all about “ ALL TO DO WITH MONEY ”. it’s a management, creation and study of money and investments, finance rewards you with the value in return and the yield of any investment is demand upon market forces, investment strategy, future growth of that market and judge the company performance from the past. Investment banker, fund manager, wealth manager, portfolio manager and stock broker at wall street may be one of them is your dream job, as one of the data show’s that investment banker earn more in compare to software developer, doctor, engineer, professor at Stanford or at Harvard and data scientist. Approx. annual amount they get is somewhere near $90k in rupee it’s nearly 70 lakh rupees, it’s not bad for a young career. Changing world with rapid speed had developed the new ways to do finance in different ways. FINTECH it is a combo of finance + technology, fintech is used to describe new tech that seeks to improve and automate the delivery and use of financial services. At its core, fintech is utilized to help companies, business owners and consumers better manager their financial operations, processes, and living by utilizing specialized software and algorithms that are used on computers and, increasingly, smartphones..VALUABLE ADVISETo guide individuals on their finances, many of the latest systems are dependent on robot-advise. The fast and low-cost option to get valuable information on investments and reducing the exposure to risk towards a person yet, such services are unable to give the most in-depth information that would come from a professional adviser..HIGH RATE OF APPROVALMany small business ventures across the untied states have initiated the use of the alternative lenders that involved in fintech due to its ability to increase accessibility and speed up the ‘approval for finance ’ rate..UPGRADED PAYMENT SYSTEMSAn interesting benefits of fintech is to make businesses more efficient at issuing invoices and collecting payments with higher accuracy. This not only offers more professional service but also helps to enhance customer relations, increase the probability of them returning as a regular buyer..IMPROVED SECURITYFinancial institutions are expected to provide customers with most advanced and high end monetary services. To ensure that more people are confident tin using financial services. It is important to use latest security techniques. Taking advantage of new mobile technology has resulted in a major security investment to ensure that consumer data is secure..CRYPTO-CURRENCIESBitcoins are another example of fintech and it’s a fresh one. Bitcoin in real a kind of crypto-currency or the e-currency which help people to transfer value from their e-wallets, no paper money required. Bitcoin demand is not at the best yet, still it’s a new thing take more time to replace or sustain it’ market over physical money. Bitcoin works on the concept of blockchain, it’s like a “HYPERLEDGER” companies like BITCOINS, LITCOIN, DOGECOIN and ETHEREUM. They all work upon the some method of blockchain. “ BLOCKCHAIN ”. TECHNOLOGICAL EVOLUTIONFintech is kind of new technological development provide nimble fintech firms with multiple opportunities to meet customer expectations using the latest technology. Changing world changed finance, in future definitely will change the way we deal..SAFE AND QUICK TRANSACTIONSTransactions present as the most developed part of the fintech landscape. Mobile phones with near field communication ( NFC ) technology are driving the evolution of mobile payments and e-wallets. These services provide more contextual products and services, such as barcode scanning and personalised offers.Augmented reality applications are gradually adding to this context-rich customer experience. Blockchain technology provides a traceable ways of transacting without involvement of mainstream intermediaries and infrastructures..VENTURE CAPITALIncreased investor interest is fuelling new entries into the emerging Insurtech sector, driving growth, competition and innovation.Consequently, traditional insurers have started realising that Insurtech players represent genuine competition. They are reacting to the threat by either acquiring Insurtech players to bring the competitive advantage inhouse or partnering with them, through strategic investment or formal partnerships. Suncorp investment in trov and general i’s acquisition of MyDrive are just some examples..SOME GREAT COMPANIES IN THE WORLD OF FINTECH. CRED. BREX. PAYPAL. PAYTM. POLICYBAZAAR. VARO MONEY, and. BLEND

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